The Horse Master's Daughter

"An exciting story full of surprises and rich drama, with an unforgettable main character in the fiery Nordun. If you like skillful world building, evocative atmosphere, and strong characters, you will thrill to The Horse Master's Daughter."  - Nancy Bilyeau, bestelling author of The Blue and The Fugutive Colours.

Tibet, 1285 – Hidden away in her grandmother’s monastery after her mother’s tragic death, Nordun’s life has been shrouded in secrets. Born into a family of royal horse masters, she was divined to become the first ever female horse master—but that destiny was never shared with her.

Now, returning home for her father’s blessing to take her monastic vows, friends and foes challenge Nordun to the impossible—to claim her heritage to the stables. The last thing Nordun wants is to tame a feral horse… but if she refuses, her cherished childhood home will be lost.
Desperately unprepared and armed with only her compassionate heart, Nordun ventures into the far and rugged unknown.

Will she fulfill the ancient divination and turn the tables on her family’s fate, or return to her sisters in solitude to serve all sentient beings as has been her aspiration for most of her life?

Aided by unconventional allies, Nordun soon learns that you never have to question your path, as long as you’re true to your wild and tender heart.

Join Nordun on her reluctant quest through the turbulent times of thirteenth-century Tibet with its royal clans, Mongolian invaders, smugglers and Silk Road traders, to the places where demons lurk, and through the trials which afflict every family and human life—courage and cowardice, love and lust, loyalty and treachery, and cruel endings which do not always sprout into the new beginnings we desire them to be. Get your copy now.

The Horse Master’s Daughter is Book One in the historical fiction series Nordun’s Way, a heartfelt heroine's journey, sprinkled with nuggets of timeless Buddhist wisdom, and can be read as a stand-alone novel.

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