Echoes of Home

"A deeply moving story - quite harsh and beautiful simultaneously with phrases of such wisdom that you will want to make note of them to re-read later." - Goodread Review

"The story kept me turning pages I was not putting the book down until I was finished." - Amazon Review


Sometimes, even good hearts take the wrong path to do the right things."

Tibet, 1286—When Karma asks Nordun to help him find his long-lost mother in Mongolia, she doesn’t hesitate. Even if she fears he might never return home with her.

Joined by old friends and family, they set off on the treacherous trade roads to the far east, crossing rickety bridges and traversing narrow rifts, to where the Mongol warriors’ cries roar on the battlefield, and victory is granted to those who deem themselves Gods.

As they uncover the traces of Karma’s precarious past, suspicions arise between the traveling companions. Nordun knows the secrets she’s harboring—but what are the others hiding?

When they reach their destination, a terrible truth unfolds and Nordun loses everything she holds dear. Now even her precious faith has deserted her—where will she find the strength to fight for what she believes in?

Join Nordun in her search for far-away kin as she finds that the definition of family isn’t always in the blood—it’s in those who treasure you for who you are, no matter what.

Echoes of Home is Book 3 in the historical fiction series Nordun’s Way and can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Nordun’s Way, A Tibetan Epic – Ride with Nordun through the turbulent times of thirteenth-century Tibet with its royal clans, Mongolian invaders, smugglers and SilkRoad traders, to the places where demons lurk, and through the trials which afflict every family and human life—courage and cowardice, love and lust, loyalty and treachery, and cruel endings which do not always sprout into the new beginnings we desire them to be.

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